meanderings, articulations, & resonance

With imagination and fiction as tools, the Futureless group exhibition at SomoS presents the myriad possibilities of queer/feminist futures within our increasingly digitized and ecologically precarious planet. As part of the program of Futureless, interdisciplinary artist Eddy Levin hosts two free workshops in which participants collectively engage with a set of sculptural objects produced by Max Puorro, Helah Cooper & Danielle Magee. In "Meandering, articulations and resonance", the artists hold space in the present with an eye to the future, using queer performative methods to build skills that foster more empathic and caring ways of being.

Levin, Puorro, Cooper & Magee envisage unconventional and gentle forms of behavior - thinking-through-doing - as strategies to celebrate rather than stigmatize neurological divergence. The sculptures around which the workshop is based are playful, unconventional objects, installed in the gallery space throughout the exhibition.

Contextualized by a historical period in which social isolation and distance are not only common, but perhaps unavoidable, Levin, Puorro, Cooper & Magee draw upon queer-feminist frameworks of care to reapproach and rethink communication and exchange. With performative and participatory tools at hand, ‘Meandering, articulations and resonance’ provides a space in which sculptures become tools for collectively building new behavioral and neurological pathways. Having played and experimented under the guide of Levin, participants may walk away from this workshop and apply these perspectives to objects and environments in their everyday life.

Concept Eddy Levin, Max Puorro and Helah Cooper
Objects Max Puorro, Helah Cooper and Dd Magee
Workshop facilitation Eddy Levin
Live Music Jean P’ark

as part of the group show


at Somos Gallery

curated by Oliver Dougherty