As lockdowns progressed, I turned my home into a gallery space for myself, arranging and rearranging my collection of made, gifted and street-found objects as installations, creating ever-changing sets for me to dwell and reflect in during this time. "Homer", a result from this time alone surrounded by my vibrant things, is an introspective and absurdist dance project that allows for a series of characters to emerge. Without removing my specific subjective experience with these objects, I allow the vibrancy to guide my curiosity and let situations unfold. Through the inspection and interrogation of myself and the objects that remain in my home space, I extend these personal observations into historical, political and societal formations. By noticing these interlinks, I can radically accept them and either embrace them lovingly or purge and transform them in practices of re-patterning. oooo and I question: What is my masculinity? What is masculinity at wide and what do we do with the violent histories it carries?

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