freelance performer

- selected works

every cell in the body knows where down is

Maria F. Scaroni

Photographs: Yanina Isla

This is a dance, both an exercise and a symbolic act to somatically embody unconditional support. It usually lives in workshops with large number of participants, where the iteration of pairs creates a subtle spacial pulsation. The glitches and the adjustments belongs here, in a contact dance that has no flow, but a polyrhythmic tonality. As a dance it studies the physics of gravity, and the human body relation to it, as it equally resists to it and surrenders to be able to live on earth.As a symbolic act is a dedication to radical interdependence, literally living the sentence “if we go down, we go down together”.I honor Simone’s work in how it used contact improvisation, play and poetry to shape human encounters in instances of materiality. I honor her as my legacy together with other dance fanatics, joyful militants, who relentlessly gave shape to aliveness.

curated by Klaus Biesenbach

As a part of “Variations on Simone Forti”

Neue NationalGalerie

Berlin 2022


Hollow Matters


CHOREOGRAPHY Antoine Carle / Tchivett PERFORMANCE Camille Käse, Josefine Mühle, Rafi Martin, Zachary Murphy, Eddy Levin LIGHTDESIGN Elliot Blue MUSIC Body Fool SKULPTURES Jeremy Barzic DRAMATURGY Vanessa Budai

In an uncanny museum filled with moulds and imprints of bodies the audience and performers alike are equally confronted with the harsh limits of these negative forms. Materials are formed into prosthetics and hybrid bodies are created until the choreography itself becomes a sculpture.

Sophiensaele Tanztage

Berlin 2019


Group Oriented

Sara Shelton Mann

Photo: Alfred Spormann

Dock 11

Berlin 2019



Clara F. Crescini

a site-specific performance
DANCE AND PERFORMANCE: Eddy Levin, Clara F. Crescini and Loca

Part of LAND(SCHAFFT)KUNST Festival in Neuwerder Brandenburg with the support of HZT.

Berlin 2019


MBD: Origin Story

Maya Ben David

Tkaronto/Toronto 2016